Photo Gallery Thumbs Page The daily MNNR grain train scoots over the Mississippi River towards the various grain elevators in southeast Minneapolis. An MNNR train switches railcars at one of the flour mills in southeast Minneapolis. As the sun comes up on another bitter cold winter morning, MNNR industry jobs are hard at work putting together trains to deliver your product. The MNNR main classification yard located in St Paul just north of the Amtrak depot is worked 24-7 to sort and customize trains for the various industries in the Twin Cities.  This property also holds team tracks where various product can be trans-loaded from railcar to truck or vise-versa, with easy accesses to Interstate 94. A MNNR industry job is seen switching in the classification yard while the Iowa Chicago and Eastern looks on.  ICE railcars are interchanged here through the Canadian Pacific Railroad. We work with each customer to handle their specific needs.  This pic shows steel pieces being loaded into a box car at one of the many construction sites we serve. Back at the garage an MNNR mechanic works on a locomotive to get this massive machine back on the road and pulling tonnage. MNNR is committed to safety at railroad crossings.  Updated crossing lights and/or gates are maintained on all busy roads throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area. A MNNR job works towards the Minneapolis skyline as they deliver coal for the University of Minnesota to heat the campus area. Highly trained and professional railroad employees are ready to roll, keeping product moving for our customers. We work hard to keep your product moving. MNNR services industries in St Paul and Minneapolis. 24 hrs a day in ALL weather conditions.  An MNNR train rolls south of New Brighton on another Minnesota Winter Day. Spotting your product where you want it.  An MNNR crew puts a railcar in the building at Old Dutch Foods. The daily transfer train from St Paul to New Brighton arrives with railcars to be interchanged with the Canadian National Railroad. Shows the SOO LINE (Canadian Pacific) in the MNNR A Yard interchanging. A picture of Union Pacific as they interchange with the MNNR daily. A Twin Cities and Western train works their way into the MNNR yard to pick-up railcars for Western Minnesota. A direct interchange of railcars in New Brighton, MN.  A Canadian National road train dropping off railcars as a MNNR crew waits their turn to pick them up and deliver product to industries. An MNNR transfer train sharing track space with the big railroads. This picture on a rainy night as an MNNR train is prepared to depart the BNSF Northtown yard in Fridley, MN.